The Grace Method

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Transformational Relationship Coaching

Do past experiences, relationships, or early life traumas keep you from loving and connecting with your partner as deeply as you truly desire? Do you know that there is potential for much more depth, love, intimacy, fun, and connection for you and your partner, but no matter what you have tried you keep hitting triggers and old patterns? The space and practices I offer in my coaching are safe and transformational, for you to explore who you are underneath societal and familial conditioning, to get to what you truly desire, and to move forward from that place in life and love.  Over 25 years of experience and study in meditation, mindfulness, clearing and trauma work, psychology degrees, sexuality and intimacy, and powerful energetic body processes make my sessions dynamic, and create real and lasting changes. What would it take to create a life and love beyond your wildest imagination and from deep within? Let's find out....