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Trauma Healing for Intimacy and Deeper Connection

Are past experiences, old relationships, or early life traumas keep you from loving and connecting in the way you know is possible? I provide deep care and support for you to explore who you are, what you desire, and to move forward to open up to and connect with loved ones more intimately.  Over 25 years of experience and study in meditation, mindfulness, clearing and trauma work, psychology, sexuality and intimacy, and powerful energetic body processes make my sessions very dynamic, creating real, deep, and lasting change.

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About Me

I have always been a seeker.
I knew from a very young age that there was more than meets the eye and set out to find it.
This led me to dive deep into psychology studies as well as different forms of healing, mystical practices, and traditions. 
I am very grateful for the many practices, therapies, classes, workshops, teachers, and fellow students I have learned from and grown with. 
I am deeply grateful to my three children who are my greatest teachers, who I did my best to raise to shine and be themselves while being myself, and they have grown into incredible adults.
What I offer is a powerful and safe space for you to heal and grow. My work is an eclectic blend of my studies and experiences, personalized for each individual or group I work with.
I love exploring the depths, what is real,  and finding the beauty underneath.
I love, and live for, the journey ~ the discovery ~ the sacred ~ the magic ~ the celebration. I hold space for those who are seeking to heal and overcome past hurts, to know these aspects inside themselves, and to shine.

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